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This page contains downloadable files. We plan to add to it over time, with plans for circuitry, equipment, and the like. We welcome any suggestions or submissions.

To download a file, click its link. If your internet browser is configured correctly, it should copy the file onto your computer. If it instead displays a window of gibberish, try clicking and holding over the link and choosing "Save this link" from the popup menu.

Portable document format (pdf) files are not compressed for downloading. When you click a pdf link, your browser may open the pdf file in the browser window. To download the file instead, option- or alt-click the link.

Equipment Designs

Extracellular Amplifier

We describe an amplifier design in the following paper:

Land, B.R., Wyttenbach, R.A., and Johnson, B.R. (2001). Tools for physiology labs: An inexpensive high-performance amplifier and electrode for extracellular recording. J. Neurosci. Meth.106:47-55.

Download pdf files of the printed circuit board (20 kB) and a preprint (192 kB) of the above paper. A list of parts with sources and approximate prices can be found here. For details of constructing the suction electrode, see Appendix E above.

If you want to make printed circuit boards commercially, you can download a template here (15 kB). Use this file with Windows software from and have them make your PC boards. Each board contains two amplifier circuits and fits ExpressPCB's inexpensive "miniboard" format. If you use this design, note that the standoffs are 2.125 inches apart, not 2.5 inches apart as shown in the paper. Thanks to John Kauer of Tufts for putting the circuit in pcb format.

Stimulator and SIU

We describe circuitry for a stimulator and stimulus isolation unit in the following paper:

Land BR, Johnson BR, Wyttenbach RA, and Hoy RR (2004) Tools for physiology labs: Inexpensive equipment for physiological stimulation. J. Undergrad. Neurosci. Ed. 3(1):A30-A35.

See this page for printed circuit board designs, part lists, software, and a link to the journal.


Download DisSolver, a shareware saline calculator.
(The free version includes all Crawdad formulae, and is included on the Crawdad CD.)
Available for Macintosh and Windows.



Download gPrime, a free MatLab™-based program that acts as oscilloscope and stimulator. This software does not require that you have MatLab. It supports a variety of DAQ boards, as listed on its page.
(Currently available for Windows only.


Download the latest version of QuickTime™ from Apple.


Get Acrobat Reader

Download the latest version of Acrobat Reader from Adobe.

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